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Exhibition stand & Interior fit-out

We are specialised in designing and constructing exhibition stands for trade shows, conferences, and other promotional events. We also provide interior design services for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, and showrooms.

Services offered

Design and Concept Development: We develop unique and creative concepts for exhibition stands and interiors, considering the client's branding and target audience.

3D Visualization: We create realistic 3D renderings and visualizations of the proposed designs, allowing clients to visualize the final result before construction or installation.

Project Management: We handle the entire project from start to finish, including site surveys, coordination with event organizers, obtaining necessary permits, logistics planning, and overseeing the construction process.

Installation and Dismantling: We provide on-site installation and dismantling services, ensuring proper assembly and disassembly to maximize efficiency.

Post-Event Services: We offer services such as stand storage, maintenance, and re build for clients who participate in multiple events or require long-term stand management.

Graphics & Signage

We produce high-quality graphics, signage, and branding elements for the exhibition stands and businesses such as offices, retail stores, and showrooms, ensuring consistent visual messaging and enhancing brand visibility.

Services offered

Logo and Branding: We work with clients to produce logos and branding materials that accurately represent their brand identity and values. including printing custom graphics, selecting appropriate materials, and following a cohesive brand style guide.

Trade Show and Event Signage: We make custom signage for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and other events. Including backdrops, banners, booth graphics, floor graphics, tabletop displays, and promotional materials. Our solutions help businesses stand out and effectively communicate their messages to event attendees.

Digital Signage: We provide digital signage solutions using screens and multimedia displays. These dynamic and interactive displays can be used for advertising, information dissemination.

Large Format Printing: We have the capability to print large-scale graphics and signage on various materials such as vinyl, fabric, canvas, and rigid substrates. This allows for the production of high-quality and durable graphics for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Corporate event management

We plan, organise, and execute various types of corporate events for businesses and organizations and handle all aspects of event management, from conceptualization to post-event evaluation.

Services offered

Event Planning and Strategy: We work closely with clients to understand their event objectives, target audience, budget, and overall vision. And develop a comprehensive event plan and strategy that outlines the event's goals, themes, timelines, and logistics.

Venue Selection and Management: We assist in finding suitable venues for the corporate event based on the client's requirements, capacity needs, and budget. And handle negotiations, contracts, and coordination with the venue management to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Event Branding and Marketing: We assist in developing event branding and marketing strategies to create awareness and generate excitement among the target audience. This includes producing, graphics and promotional materials.

On-site Event Management: We support on-site operations during the event, including event setup, registration, attendee assistance, troubleshooting, and overall event coordination. And ensure a smooth experience for all.

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